Elderberry Immune Boost with Vitamin C

"Great to keep you from getting sick! The ingredients in this are great for immune support." ★★★★★ – Brian P.


Having a strong immune system is essential to being able to fight off disease and infection and stay healthy. Sun Nutrients has prepared Elderberry Immune Support Supplement with Vitamin C capsules as an Emergency Immune Support supplement that contains 10 of the most popular immunity ingredients. A robust immune system is vital to fight off infectious diseases and to stay healthy and active. Elderberry Supplements help with immune health, colds & flu.


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    What's in the Bottle?

    • Vitamin C

      It is vital for the development, growth, and repair of all body tissues. It helps with collagen production, absorption of the iron, healthy functioning of the body's immune system, healing of wounds, and the maintenance of bones, cartilage, and teeth.

    • Vitamin E

      This important Vitamin is required to support the immune system and aids the regeneration of cells. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are essential for everyday health. Vitamin E promotes skin health and hair.

    • Vitamin B6

      Vitamin B6 improves brain health, alleviates mood, reduces depression, boosts immunity, and fights infections.


    It helps the body's metabolism function and immune system. It is also vital to the healing of wounds and the sense of smell and taste. 

    L-glutamine HCL
    It is an energy source for immune cells and intestinal cells. 

    Elderberry Extract
    It is an effective antioxidant and contains vitamins that may enhance your immune system. 

    Echinacea Powder
    It may improve immunity, anxiety, blood sugar, inflammation, and skin health. 

    Garlic Powder
    It improves cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease, and combats the common cold. 

    Turmeric Curcuminoids
    It has scientifically proven health benefits like the potential to prevent cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's.

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus
    It is a probiotic bacterium that help the digestive system.


    What Is an Elderberry and what are Its uses?
    Elderberry, European elder, or black elder are popular names for an herb originally located in a sunny area. The biological name of this herb is Sambucus nigra. This is a traditional plant in scrubland in northern Europe and Britain. It is part of the common cuisine in the region. The plant is a shrub having leaves, fruits, and flowers. The extract of these dark berries and flowers has therapeutic qualities.

    How Elderberry and Vitamin C Increase the Immunity?
    Can Elderberry and Vitamin C supplement enhance immunity? Why is it good to have immunity booster supplements? The importance of immunity is never realized to this extent before. The only “warrior” against COVID-19 attacked body; an enhanced immunity can save your life. It’s an “unappreciated rescuer”, who only got attention because of the ongoing pandemic. But can elderberry and Vitamin C combined, increase your immunity? 

    Elderberry combined with Vitamin C becomes an advanced immune support supplement. The immunity effect of Vitamin C and elderberry is amplified when paired with each other. As a supplement, this can be a great aide to your everyday health routine and help assist in maintaining your immunity. With the addition of 10 ingredients that not only help with your immunity, but with much more benefits for your body. 

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